Metro Wavelength

Titan Telecoms owns and operates a bespoke optical transport backbone, interconnecting cable landing stations to major data centers via unique short and long haul fibre routes.

Revolutionizing your business and unleashing limitless connectivity

Our advanced infrastructure provides all the connectivity you require without the hassle of building your own infrastructure. Revolutionize your connectivity today and seize tomorrow’s opportunities as you experience lightning-fast data transfer, boundless bandwidth, and seamless connectivity. Your business can thrive in the digital era with Titan Telecoms Wavelength Solutions.

Unleash Limitless Bandwidth

Experience the unmatched power of Titan Telecoms Wavelengths, where lightning-fast connectivity takes center stage.

Seamlessly transfer bandwidth-intensive data and applications between crucial locations with fast, direct and scalable connections. Our cutting-edge product offers a wide range of capacity options, spanning from 10Gbps to 400Gbps, over our robust multi-terabit per second backbone.

With Titan Telecoms Wavelengths, effortlessly amplify your bandwidth on a dedicated circuit and experience data acceleration at the speed of light. Elevate your business to new heights with unmatched bandwidth, reliability, and endless possibilities for growth.

On-demand Wavelength Networks

With Titan Telecoms’ Wavelengths, you have the power to build a customized network utilizing our extensive Dark Fibre infrastructure.

Experience diverse and redundant configurations, along with commercial flexibility and protection options. Choose your desired fibre routing as we offer seamless connectivity from the subsea landing station in Maroochydore, extending to key metro areas including Brisbane and Sydney. Benefit from multiple low-latency Wavelength configurations perfectly tailored to your specific routing requirements.

We look after you

With our user-friendly customer portal, you have complete visibility into your services performance and can access competitive pricing optimized for the market.

We take care of the equipment, operation, and upgrades along our fibre routes, while our Network Operations Centers (NOC) deliver round-the-clock support, ensuring uninterrupted service.

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Connectivity Redefined

In a world where dependable and low-latency connections are paramount, Titan Telecoms Wavelengths stands at the forefront. Experience unrivaled bandwidth, security, and unmatched flexibility that sets the foundation for innovation. 

With our cutting-edge infrastructure and customized network routes, we seamlessly connect critical interconnection points and major datacenters across Australia. Our Wavelength solution will empower you with a wide range of capacity options, enabling efficient and high-capacity connectivity to drive your business forward.

As pioneers in advanced networking technology, we are opening up a realm of possibilities beyond traditional connectivity solutions. Embrace a digital future where Bandwidth, security, and flexibility define the new standard.

Features and Benefits

Wavelength delivers unparalleled levels of security, scalability, and customer control.

  • Nationwide Coverage: Titan’s Wavelength solutions span across Australia, offering connectivity solutions that reach all major metropolitan areas. Experience reliable and high-performance wavelength services regardless of your location.
  • Seamless connectivity: With our wavelength solutions, businesses can achieve seamless connectivity across the country. Connect multiple sites, data centres, and metro areas with ease, enabling efficient data transfer and collaboration.
  • Customized Solutions: We understand that each
    business has unique requirements. Our Wavelength solutions can be tailored to
    your specific needs, ensuring optimized network configurations and performance.

  • Scalable Bandwidth: As your business expands, our
    wavelength solutions can easily scale to accommodate increased data demands.
    Seamlessly upgrade your bandwidth to support growing connectivity needs.
  • Future Expansion Opportunities: Our Optical backbone opens up possibilities for future expansion. As your business grows, you can easily extend the network to new locations seamlessly. 
  • Enhanced Performance: Our Wavelength solutions
    provide high-capacity bandwidth, enabling businesses to achieve superior
    performance and reduced latency. Experience faster data transfer and improved
    application responsiveness.
  • Future-Ready Solutions:  Our Wavelength services are designed to be future-proof, enabling seamless integration with emerging technologies and evolving connectivity requirements. Stay ahead of the technological curve with our forward-looking solutions.
  • Flexible Network Architecture: We offer flexibility in network architecture, allowing businesses to design and configure their wavelength solutions to meet their specific needs. This ensures a customized approach that aligns with your business objectives.

Looking to scale your digital presence?

Lightning-fast, scalable, and secure data connectivity solutions tailored to your needs.

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